Winter Sky Horizon to Horizon

By: Laurent Laveder


Region: Europe

Site: Brittany - France

Date: 2007 December 13

As seen on Astronomy Picture of the Day scroll down and journey from horizon to horizon as your gaze sweeps through the zenith in the night sky over Beg-Meil, France. Recorded in the night of Geminid Meteor Shower peak at December 13th, the entertaining panorama covers 210 degrees in 21 separate exposures, beginning on the beach (pan down) with bright star Sirius rising in the southeast. Look up to encounter the nebula rich constellation of Orion and continue on to find the lovely Pleiades star cluster. Farther along, higher in the sky, is the famous erupted Comet Holmes, gracing the northern hemisphere's night with its remarkable expanding coma. Finally, just before diving into the urban glow from city lights along the northwestern horizon check out the double star cluster in Perseus and take in the cosmic streak of a bright Geminid Meteor. Laurent Laveder/

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