Temple of Poseidon

By: Anthony Ayiomamitis


Region: Europe

Site: Cape Sounion - Greece

Date: May 2005

As seen on Astronomy Picture of the Day, moonrise over the temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion, built circa 440 BC.The above image is the culmination of fifteen months of repeated efforts to catch the rising full moon beside the Temple of Poseidon in southern Greece. Success was finally achieved with the May 2005 full moon. First, the the optimum time after sunset that would yield a perfect balance between the bright moon and the natural lighting of the Temple of Poseidon needed to be identified, a time found to be approximately 22 minutes after sunset. During the ensuing months until that timing occurred, the perspective of the temple with respect to its physical azimuth and altitude (as seen from the photographer's location) were reverse engineered. The final exercise was to identify the year's full moon that would meet both criteria -- a perfect balance of lighting of the moon and structures, along with the proper azimuth and altitude of the rising moon to place it properly with respect to the foreground structures. Anthony Ayiomamitis/

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