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Photographer Oshin Zakarian began his career in photography in 1992. He is completely devoted to photography of all kinds including nature, architecture, industry and products, people, and wedding. But Zakarian's main interest is in capturing nature and historical landmarks at night during astronomical events. He feels that a strong emotional connection with nature helps a photographer produce greater impact in his photographs. His passion for photographing monuments of different cultures under the same starry sky has led him on many adventures. He particularly enjoys the deep blue light of twilight and the first and last light of the day among nature. Zakarian shuns today's common digital equipment in favor of traditional medium format film cameras. His photographs have appeared in many publications and on calendars as well as in America's best-known astronomy magazines. His work has been exhibited in several European countries.

Zakarian particularly enjoys capturing images of lonely trees standing amidst the trails of stars circling above them. He imagines the tree branches as the hands of a person stretching upward to touch the stars, while the tree's trunk connects Heaven and Earth. When photographing a historical monument with the stars above he can feel the passage of time -- the time that has passed since the monument was built. When the weather is good for photography, Zakarian will rarely be spotted in the city.

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