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From: China         Age: 32



The youngest TWAN member, Dai Jianfeng (alias as Jeff Dai), was born in China's "foggy city" Chongqing in 1988. Jeff was not fascinated with the night sky until in 2011, during a mystical starry camping night on a mountain place which completely changed his life. He started to learn how to take TWAN-style photos and share them with people.
Jeff was an automotive engineer who worked day-to-day and took night sky images almost all over China in the every clear weekends. Soon, Jeff's photos were published not only in China's major medias such as CCTV and China Daily, but also in international sources such as BBC, NBC, NASA and National Geographic.
Little by little, Jeff's passion for astronomy endowed him with a mission to capture more unexplored night scenes. In 2015 he quit his day job and became a full-time astrophotographer. Very soon, he went to Tibet and Nepal for capturing the Himalayas at night. His Himalayan passion, however, got himself into quite a few big troubles from time to time, as he disregarded safety and hiked with heavy photographic equipment for hours, fell into the freezing river, fought with ferocious wild dogs and got lost in the wilderness at night. But Jeff realized pristine night sky does not exist only in those remote and risky places but some are still preserved near small communities. To preserve the remaining natural skies in his home country, Jeff is an active member of International Dark-sky Association Beijing. Follow Jeff on Facebook.

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