New Publication: TWAN in French Astronomy

Astronomie, a French magazine for amateur astronomers and general astronomy enthusiasts presents TWAN in the May 2008 issue.




















2009 May 10

May 2008 issue of Astronomie (a French astronomy magazine) introduces The World at Night project with an article (TWAN: I'univers de la nuit) in 6 pages authored by TWAN French team member Laurent Laveder. The article introduces the project and 4 photographers of TWAN team: Yuichia Takasaka (Canada), P-M Heden (Sweden), Babak Tafreshi (Iran), and Tunc Tezel (Turkey).

The TWAN article in May 2008 of Astronomie is the third major publication of the project after the cover story article in IAU's CAP journal of February 2008 and Sky&Telescope May 2008 article. There are also plans for other publications in similar magazines in other countries. You can download the PDF version of TWAN article in May2008 issue of Astronomie here.


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Click to enlarge the photo


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