At the Gates

By: Ben Coffman


Utah, USA

2016 April 7


From the photographer: "This is Arches National Park’s Turret Arch. The name of the photo is a play on Turret Arch’s castle-like name, and it comes from me imagining the arching Milky Way as some sort of fiery projectile tossed from another arch in the area. Comet 252P/LINEAR appears as a green dot above the Milky Way’s galactic center. Light pollution from nearby Moab can be seen where the Milky Way’s galactic center meets the horizon. I think this photo does a good job of illustrating that, without proceeding carefully, the lights from the town of Moab could eventually cause problems for those of us who go to national parks to enjoy dark night skies.
Technical details: 24mm, 20 seconds, aperture unrecorded, ISO 6400, modified Canon 6D, Nodal Ninja 4 pano head, Panorama made up of 27 single exposures (3 rows of 9)"
Ben Coffman

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