Striking Synchronicity

By: Rogelio Bernal Andreo


California, USA

2013 April 5


A Notable Photo of the 2014 International Earth & Sky Photo Contest.
From the photographer: "Here's a view of Yosemite Valley, one of so many ever taken. Yet, when I was putting together this 8 pane mosaic and saw I had captured an incredibly colorful Eta Aquarid meteor (remains of comet Halley) exactly right above Half Dome, shifting colors from green to yellow to red. Even my jaw dropped to the floor. The image is not a composite, although it is an 8 pane mosaic. The colors in the granite mountains all come from artificial lights: street lights, campers' lights, etc. That probably explains the interestingly different colors over each mountain wall. No Moonlight that night (not until 2 hours later). Also, a lightning storm had just passed moments earlier through the sierra."
Rogelio Bernal Andreo -

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