TLE over Safdarjung

By: Atish Aman, Priyam Malhotra


New Delhi, India

2011 June 15


From the photographers: "Safdarjung's tomb is one of the last glorious constructions of the Mughals in India. The tomb was built for the prime minister of the weak emperor Muhammad Shah (1719-1748). In the photograph is the central dome, very characteristic of late Mughal architecture, with the eclipsed moon entering the Earth's umbra (shadow). The total lunar eclipse of June 15th was captured over this monument as part of the project 'Cosmic Crossroads', conducted in association with Nehru Planetarium, Amateur Astronomers Association of Delhi & Antriksh." - Atish Aman, Priyam Malhotra (Project: Cosmic Crossroads)

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