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2016 June 10-26

Durlach - Germany

TWAN exhibition and 10-meter mobile planetarium by Gernot Meiser in Durlach Orgelfabrik hall, with events such as live music, space sounds, and lectures.

2016 April 1-15

Atacama - Chile

In collaboration with the European Southern Observatory (ESO), Babak Tafreshi and Yuri Beletsky join the ESO 2016 imaging expedition to observatory sites in the Atacama Desert.

2016 March 2-6


Four-day astrophotography workshop by TWAN director Babak Tafreshi and timelapse photographer Mohamed Shahin, along with a public TWAN presentation in Oman.


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TWAN produces stunning exhibition-quality photographs of the world's landmarks against the backdrop of stars, planets, and celestial events. It presents the symbols of different regions and cultures under the starry sky, attesting the truly unified nature of Earth as a planet. Some of the world's best landscape astrophotographers are associated with TWAN to provide artwork footage from around the world, from the Milky Way over Atacama Desert to celestial delights above ancient Greece landmarks. Besides the photographs, spectacular time-lapse videos of celestial motions are available from selected locations. They are exceptional material for large screen presentations.

Besides the universality and charming beauty of TWAN photographs and videos, there are other preferences behind the project:

Popularizing Astronomy: The night sky photos with landscape in foreground show strong connection between the viewers and the sky. This is something people can experience out in nature without the aid of large telescopes.

Educating on Astronomy: There is science and education behind the strong visual impression made by all TWAN images, such as the night sky, celestial events, cosmic motions, astrophotography, and the joy of astronomy.

Dark Sky Importance: TWAN photographs generate public awareness on why we need to preserve dark skies of our planet.

Astronomy and Culture: TWAN presents the Earth as a single planet embraced by one sky. This connects various cultures of the world through the night sky.

The World at Night offers a package of programs:

• The World at Night exhibition of photos and sky motion videos.

• Night sky photography workshops: The event will be held for general and skilled photographers. Based on the potential of participants the program could either be a one-day local event or a 2 to 4 days event at a national or international level. A report of an example of such a TWAN event is available here.

• Lectures on various TWAN-related topics, such as such as Wonders of Night Sky, the joy of Astronomy and stargazing, Astronomers Without Borders, universality and purpose behind TWAN, night sky and astrophotography, importance of dark skies and light pollution (in collaboration with Dark Sky Awareness project), astronomy across cultures (based on TWAN images), astronomy destinations (places to visit around the globe based on TWAN material).


• Large screen presentations (images and time-lapse videos of TWAN): A general show will be presented by a TWAN member at the event. TWAN also offers a special large screen show for major events, which includes a breathtaking multimedia show (duration: about one hour) by a specialized TWAN-Europe team. The cost of the program would be calculated based on the location.

For many of TWAN’s major events attendance of our representatives is essential for organizational matters and presentations. TWAN can invite any member to the event depending on the date, location, and travel expenses.


TWAN offers several classes of exhibitions. Cost estimates depend on the location, that is, the country and the scale of the event. As TWAN is a non-profit program, all funds are used as direct exhibition cost and can be completely managed by the host venue.

Following are some photo print sizes for exhibitions. Please note that these are standard suggestions only; the sizes will vary and can be modified according to the location and possibilities.

  • Cluster Plan: 100-print exhibition; digital screen exhibition (5-10 large screens of 40 inches or bigger, located in a dark hall to demonstrate TWAN time-lapse videos with ambient music); public presentations on night sky, IYA, TWAN, AWB and global astronomy, dark sky awareness, and astronomy and world heritages; and a side event: a day-long night-sky astrophotography workshop.

  • Solar Plan: 100-print exhibition; digital screen exhibition (2-3 large screens of 40 inches or bigger); and several presentations.

  • Lunar Plan: 50-print exhibition; one large screen for TWAN time-lapse videos.

  • Minor Plan: 30-print exhibition.

  • Custom Plan: The local organizer customizes size and number of prints and selects the side events.


Generally the exhibition cost includes:

• Prints - (For small and medium exhibitions TWAN may provide the prints at no cost. Only the shipping or travel cost of the TWAN representative will be considered.)


• License fee - For long term and permanent exhibits a basic license fee for the photos is considered that supports the dedicated work of the photographers.

• Frames or mountings

• Travel cost and accommodation for TWAN representative/lecturer(s), if required.

• Publishing material

Based on the negotiation or the standard photo license fee, the local organizer of a TWAN exhibition may keep all the exhibition mounted prints for permanent installation or for a nationwide traveling exhibition in galleries, public places, schools, and educational centers.

If you are interested in organizing a TWAN event in your region or have suggestions for venues that may be appropriate and supportive for a TWAN exhibition, large screen presentation, and educational workshop, please contact us.



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